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Casorso Heating & Plumbing has solutions to all your plumbing & heating needs.

For quick, reliable and professional service contact Casorso Heating & Plumbing TODAY !

Casorsor Plumbing & Heating Edmonton plumber Edmonton Residential Heating


More homes are damaged by water than by fire. Leaks can cause immeasurable damage to your home. Casorso Plumbing & Heating takes care to protect your home while assuring that you will have the best plumbing system possible. A properly designed and installed plumbing system saves money and ensures good health, all within your budget. 

Casorso Plumbing & Heating specializes in hydronic heating solutions. We provide complete home heating to meet your needs; using an efficient home boiler system, radiant floor heating, or if you need a new hot water tank, have a leaky faucet or plugged sink, Casorso heating has the solution.

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"Casorso Heating & Plumbing fixed my boiler heating problems then offered me a plumbing inspection while he was here only to discovered I had a leaking toilet. The worst is I had not realized my water bill had been skyrocketing. Now my house is toasty warm and my water bill has dropped thanks to the toilet repair! You saved me hundreds with that one repair alone. Thanks Shane!"

David Johnson,St. Albert


"After the frustration of 2 other plumbing companies that couldn't help me I called Casorso Heating & Plumbing. My walls were turning black with mildew due to an undiscovered leak in a pipe that the previous two plumbing company could not find. Casorso Plumbing came out, found the leak and performed the repairs in no time at all. In addition they recommended a mildew removal company that eliminated the unhealthy conditions that were causing breathing problems for my husband. I will only use Casorso in the future. Thanks again!

Karen Rabatie - St. Albert, AB


I have an older house with a renovated hot water heat system. Shane knew more about this system than the company that installed it. He identified what need to be corrected to make it work properly. Now we have unlimited hot water, a warm and cozy home and our heating bills are even lower. Thanks Shane for the great work!

Andy - Edmonton, AB

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