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Tankless Water Heating Systems 


New tankless installs 




Tankless repairs (all gas fired brands) 

Tankless flushing 

Tankless Maintenance & Annual Inspections 

Traditional water tanks

Hot water Tanks 


New water heater installations: 

Bradford White 

AO Smith 

Customer supplied hot water tanks 

Casorso Heating & Plumbing specializes in traditional hot water tank and tankless water heating both home hot water supply and for the use with home heating combination solutions.


Types of water heater service 


Electric water heaters 

Gas natural draft hot water tanks 

Gas fired power vent hot water tanks 

Hot water tank flushing 

Hot water tank mixing valves 

Hot water tank repairs and service 

Leaking hot water tanks 

Venting repairs, upgrades 

Safety inspections


Although the legal requirements for a gas fired appliance installation including tankless water heaters must be done by a licensed gas fitter - the typical gas fitter (especially in HVAC companies) does not have basic or advanced hydronics or plumbing training or certification. What this means is they have very little knowledge (if any) of why water based systems operate the way they do, why they are installed in specific configurations, or even how to service them.


Casorso Heating & Plumbing has all the licenses (licensed plumber & gas fitter that work together) and certifications to install tankless water heating systems and repair these units in addition to manufacturer recommended servicing and flushing. We know tankless water heating systems.


Want to know what is the best unit for your specific hot water needs? Give us a call for your in home estimate. We can size up your hot water requirements and suggest the right model for your specific lifestyle needs.


Not all tankless water heating systems are designed for use in Canada where our ground water temperature can drop to 5°C - what this means is that many of the units on the market today simply aren't powerful enough to heat 5°C water to above 38°C instantly. When shopping around make sure the model you are considering is more than 150,000 BTU

You will also need to make sure the unit has a build in anti-freeze kit (or your tankless could suffer irrepairable damage in the dead of winter).


It will also need a built in flow modulator or you could end up getting very cold water right in the middle of your hot shower with the water changing temperatures drastically without warning.


We are here to answer your questions and provide you with the best possible solutions to your hot water needs.

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